Thursday, May 8, 2008

Reasons I am pleased this Thursday.

1. 30 Rock will use the word: "cooter" tonight. Bringing it into the mainstream. What's next? I can't even wait...

2. Tomorrow is Friday.

3. Mother's day will be just another Sunday in my house, and that is fine. I don't do well with gifts. Also, Dane's don't believe in cutting flowers or conventional roles. "They" prefer flower-life rights, and freedom of holiday-neutral exceptions without paper waste. Here comes my gender/role non-specific, flower-free e-card, mom!

4. Kathy Lee Gifford "doesn't like computers" and doesn't plan to blog anytime soon. (phew, that was a concern for spacial capacity and cloud computing)

5. My toes are fire-pink.

6. I sent a letter of recommendation to the LA county dept. of correctional services that Lindsay Lohan,Britney spears, Paris Hilton, the chick from The Hills (who held the binoculars backwards at the Derby) and other such wastes of space be sent to Burma to help in human aid relief.

7. Awkward, silent "door-holding" negotiations with strangers.

8. Jon Stewart interviewing NYC mom-bloggers on Friday night. Sigh.It should've been me. He's even been on the Top 3 list! Disaster averted, I guess.

9. 22 days until SEX and THE CITY!!!

10. Being told: "You can drop off if you'd like" on a conference call. And on that note.... 3 more days until my conscience no longer has to over-rationalize working for Big Oil.

The world is going to pot with cyclones, rice shortages, oil gauging, reality TV, bras causing cancer and other such travesty....I have to find something to to laugh at.

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