Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sex AND The City: More than you bargained for...

I assure you now, I am NOT providing any spoilers or details about this movie. (Note: I will load a detailed list of quotes in a few weeks.) Instead, I am merely saying:

"Heart, prepare to have a schizophrenic fit."

In a theatre in Times Square with tons of women from a few different magazines, the buzz of the room was palpable. The moment the theme song began ( also many girl's ring tones) we were committed. To the women of SATC, to the hope that Big would deliver his love, and that we would walk away feeling like we just spent a girls-weekend with the women we have come to love, see ourselves in, and laugh with.

Like I said, I won't give any details....yet. This movie has a strange and beautifully haunting tone of reality. There is some underlying truths of womanhood that reaches into your chest, and holds onto your heart for the entire 2.5hrs.

I laughed hysterically. I "pfft'd" and I cried... I cried a lot, in the most unexpected moments. After exiting the movie we were all ecstatic and moved. Quickly I confessed how many times I found myself trying to wipe tears without anyone seeing. I quipped that I "must be hormonal" but then, one by one, every woman explained her own unique self-identification and emotional reaction. It was evident it had affected all of us, profoundly.

Sex AND the city-the movie was well beyond the realms of a "chick-flick". It was an intricate, interwoven journey through the inherently complex emotions of loving, living and being a woman. No matter who you are, or what your history in love, marriage and hits to the bone.

Don't be frightened, it's not that horrible sad things happen, but life happens, and we witness a an unspoken and deliberate support system of the four women we have come to admire. It's hard not to walk away wondering if you can't do MORE for your friends. (Or run out looking for ones like this)It is a testament to richness and overflow of fulfillment other women can provide in a society where we are all trying to hard to prove we can do ANYTHING. Next time a friend needs you: Listen closer, pay more attention, speak more candidly, love her, make her laugh, go the extra mile, and expect it back.

Prepare to laugh, be inspired and stunned by the 50-odd wardrobe changes...but be prepared to FEEL.

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AND written and directed by a MAN. Go figure.