Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Shower-Pooper-Smoosher in a wine bar.

Yesterday was a long day. I woke up at 6:00am -its hard to break the habit. After getting back at 4:00am from an impromptu night at Marquee. I was missing my usual morning glow. I had flown in Thursday, met my sister and some clients for drinks with carry-on bag in tow and made it back to her place by midnight. In typical NYC fashion, my blackberry starting buzzing on cue, right after I had washed my face and prepared for bed (which was in my typical Chicago-life fashion). So I rallied, how could I not?

It is always a struggle for me to balance all the people I want(and need) to see when I am here. This city is home to so many of my boarding school, college, and "past-life" friends. I don't sleep well as it is, but when I am immersed in the sound scape and vitality of New York, I am truly happy. Old connections, new experiences.

We had the SATC event, and a hectic day followed. Later on that night, I reveled in an eye-lock from Chris Noth (Mr. Big) as he rode passenger side in a black RX 400. It might not be much, but I will take it! We cozied up in a very indiscreet outside table at Bruce Willis' new wine bar: Bowery Wine Company . The wine list was good, the weather was lightly blowing warm wind, and the music was amazing. Van Morrison, Bob Seger, Pearl Jam...I was pleased. Even feeling the sexiness of NYC taking over a little. Until my sister and I start talking about "Deal breakers".

She told me about an article she read from 2005 where a reader from
TIME OUT NY had written in about her perfect boyfriend, and how everyone loved him, but he had a secret...he liked to poop in the shower, mush it with his feet, feel it between his toes, and push it to the drain. We erupted into a fit of laughter...I'm sure the ample amount of Sancerre helped.

Now THAT is off the spectrum of "weird" but it got me thinking...I actually pondered it. Gross? Absolutely,but everyone is strange. I immediately start making conditions. I asked her: "If you could GUARANTEE that you would remain in love with him, the heart-lifting type of love forever and be happy for eternity- You wouldn't just build him his own bathroom/shower? Eternity with the love of your life?!" She wouldn't. Maybe I wouldn't either. It's straight nasty, but it gave me two things:
1. A great idea for a later-day post and 2. A great, long lasting laugh.

Here's to random quite wine bars where even the most unexpected of debates and deliberations ensue. May the love of your life NOT be a shower-pooper-smoosher.

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Wine Tasting Guy said...

I'm not sure whether that is hilarious or the nastiest thing I have heard in a while. Where do these people with the bizarre fetishes come from?!

Read your post as it came up as a wine bar related post. I'm a wine person and like to hit all NYC wine bars. Thanks for the heads up re: Bowery Wine Company!

Hope you had a good NYC trip!