Saturday, May 10, 2008

Strange. I know you are but what am I ?

I know this blog might lean a little to strange side, it is to be expected. I am the author. Perhaps I exercise this persona of my alter-ego.

Lulu Notewordy broke a monthly record in April with over 2700 visits and triple that in page views. Mostly due to the Today Show, and various press for (Katie Couric is guest blogging with us now).

I always find it fascinating to see what keywords bring you in, my curious readers. Here's a tiny sampling from April:

"Man girdle lust" - Really? More searches for Mirdles than I would imagine. Please gentlemen, I reiterate, for the love of testosterone, and fight against diminishing masculenity... Put the girdle down.

"Burhka sex" - No comment.

"Phil Falcone watches" - Is that a sentence? or a query about his wrist wear? He still doesn't know I exist, but there might still be hope with Bill Murray. (My horoscope says so.)

"Erica Hill and cute chipmunk flirt" - wow.

"Lulu Colbert" - Now we're talking....

"Monkey lulu mittens" - huh?

"Preschool Nudists" - Double huh? For the record, I don't believe in preschool (kidding). This one frightens me a little.

"What is Tom Brady's pant size" - Wouldn't we all like to know.

"Am I in the wrong relationship?" - Uhhh... Radar Magazine can help you with that.

Stay strange blog-readers!

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