Tuesday, June 17, 2008

ADELE - "Best for Last"

Oh Happy Tuesday! Coldplay album is released today, and so far so good! The sun is shining where I am, and I am filled with beaming hot-white light to share with all of you silly bastards. I couldn't help myself in putting another ADELE song out there for all of you (Listen to it Marcus, and don't bitch).

It has a "sway your hips" under-beat. I picture the Flight of the Conchords, and then push that out and think more along the lines of a beach campfire night. Dancing in a mini sundress to the sparkle of moon over water... sand stuck to my legs and elbows, hands holding hair....the kind of dancing women doing when no one is watching...

It's one of those Tuesday's people. The sky is blue (here at least) the air is warm and crisp with freshness. Choose your mood today. It IS INDEED a choice! Take whatever little something that opens your eyes, relaxes your face and lifts your spirit. Love big today. Kiss your children, smile at the boy on the subway, be a good friend and live today as if it might be the best day of your life. Who knows...it could be!

What is the worst that could happen? Hm...well, if it does, YOU just spent your last living day in a good, perky, love-filled mood. Better that than wrapped in mudane self-pity loathing your job, life and looking for "something else". Instead - Be free, be happy.

You have been hip-sway zinged and beamed with this white-hot light. It's contagious. I know it will get to you. Take it. Run with it like goofy Cindy-clumsy sprinting home from school hoarding her first love note. Run with it.


See you out there!


Marcus said...

That song makes me hotter than a whore on nickel night.

Lulu said...

Great thanks for that. Um...I hope you are more articulate when you guest post about the "Swell Season" concert at the Chicago Theatre tonight.

LIES. LIES! LIES! I hope he doesnt wear a scarf in summer.