Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Benoodles! So You Think You Can Dance! 6.18.08

Tonight feels like full moon fever. Nigel is wearing the throw-back tie/shirt combo of pink and red. Mia Michaels said that it was going to be "Benoodles!" and my she-lover Cat Deely looked fantastic in black and feathers. Mary was in leopord skin and lace, and her boobs looked like a place I could hide...warm and smooshy. Even Nigel noticed.

Chelse and Thayne did a strange off-color regal thing. It looked terrible, and not very difficult. I do think Chelsie's outfit could be used creatively in a different situation. Mia said: "I think you fell off the train." Waahhhh wah.

Chelsie and Mark danced the Tango. She was panties. Crazy ostrich knee-jerk spastic kicks. Cat fixed her pinky toe, which had popped out in protest to the steaminess. Mia called them the "perfect and odd couple."

Jessica and Will danced hip-hop. It was really just Will. His movement was raw and NYC-hard. Whatever that means. Cat Deely said: "Word, Nigel, Word."
Kourtni and Matt danced the Fox Trot. There was a practice move that stuck her whoo-whoo in his mug. They did such a great and graceful job. The both mastered the "who me? surprised happy-go-lucky" face. She is Uma Thurman's younger cousin!

Courtney and Gev danced a contemporary routine. That was the first Chill-inducing dance this season. I want to go undulate with someone. It was sensual and vulnerable. Gev showed a new side of his capacity. Awe...a soft little underbelly side. The intimacy was moving. I felt invasive of their chemistry. Loved it.

Katee and Joshua danced a Broadway number. Oh did they?! It looked absolutely exhausting. They looked like smiling vaudeville chickens on amphetamines! Nigel got up and danced like a drunken bafoon! "What a beautiful spirit!" was how he described it.

Susie and Marquis danced the Salsa. It hurts my eyes....Marquis did a great job, but I cannot watch her (again). Sorry. I'm sure she is sweet and nice. It felt dirty. Mary said: "I saw more chemistry in high school chem 101." Asta Susie.

Kherington and Twitch danced the Viennese Waltz and they infused it with a sweet nectar of love and purity. They moved well and with an essence of grace that was sweeping the floor. I can't believe Twitch was able to make this happen. I LOVE HIM!

Comfort and Chris danced some Crump. I have to admit, I did this last year at the W-downtown in NYC. No one was amused. (tee-hee). Two-too many pommetini's. I thought this would leave Chris on the side of the road like a tramp after a bad bj...but he stood up pretty well. She killed it. I still loathe two-tone tube socks. No matter what.

I have a problem. I am attracted to Nigel. I think its the pink and red and him saying "little c".

Good night moon.

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