Thursday, June 19, 2008

Free-form love and compassion day of sparkling calm.

Let's see.. Sadly, Tim Russert was put to rest yesterday. "This bud's for Buffet!" Warren is going to back the InBev purchase of Anheuser-Busch. America is tipping over. I'm holding my breath for Oil prices to NOT rise today. Tiger is done for the year with knee surgery and fractures. Cubs are still Numero Uno. Bruce Willis is getting heat for his Bowery Wine Bar in NYC (that I blogged about 2 weeks ago in Shower pooper-smoosher in wine bar .) Anderson Cooper and Erica Hill had some funny moments when discussing Joan Rivers.

AC said: "...She spent a life time mocking people, she can take it." after cracking a joke about her. Erica gave him a perfect faux-support face and said: "That's right Anderson Cooper. Give it to her." I love them. He had his typical did-you-just-say-that?- pause and double take, and moved on like a pro. If Anderson Cooper were straight... even if he can't change a tire.

I have no idea why I am feeling conflicted over nothing in particular, so I deem today:

Free-form love and compassion day of sparkling calm .
Yes, I know...go with it. Let it mean whatever you want it to. Be calm. Be present. Let the day unravel and reshape however it may. Let love reign over you and those you hold close. Have NO expectations. Address each task today ( large and small) with equal attention and clarity. No thoughts on tomorrow, or yesterday. Just now...just today. Just minute by minute. A single dad friend of mine read and described Eckhart Tolle's: A new earth on his blog and it certainly is a way of considering life.

If a friend calls: Talk as if you haven't in years, and listen with your whole self. Shower your mate or love-interest with kindness and availability.Tell your children or family how much you value them. Give compliments, and kisses, and smile from the inside. Forgive with wild abandon! Forgive old wounds, new ones, burdens, people and yourself.... all day.

Do you really need a reason to consider YOUR happiness today? To seek calm? The most valuable thing you have is you. Be good to you by being free of the mind today. Here is a great song to get you in the mood...

...Shine a glistening playful light over all at a time. Sparkling calm is the nurturing air to inflate a heart. Get big today.

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