Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Adele sings "Chasing Pavements"

Trust me...just press "play'. Listen as you read...

Her name is "Adele". She is yet another of the British soulful-folk girls that are thumping up the charts. Her surprisingly beautiful TODAY SHOW appearance made me stop and notice. I love that she is a bigger girl and doesn't necessarily fit the "bombshell" mold of the other leading ladies making head way in the music industry.

After all, music is about the sound right? Don't even get me started on the amount of BUTT-ASS ugly men that don't get judged for their noses, chins, fat, saggy asses and such. Wow...I'm really not bitter. I just like to see a lassie break some body images of expectation.

Pay attention. The album is "19". The song is "Chasing Pavements". Hearing it makes me want to lay back on a city rooftop chair at night, and watch the lights below glisten and flicker while the wind of pensive and emotional thought permeates...

Or not....you decide. Happy Tuesday. I will be out chasing pavements. I love pavements...especially the ones with those fun glittery sprinkle pieces that bounce and fly around my feet in the sunlight. Like gold-pixie dust blessing my journey.

Yea! for sexy, sultry covers and hot hot summer music!

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