Wednesday, June 11, 2008

So you think you can dance - Top 20 - 6/11/08

(shiver...) I LOVE CAT DEELY. She has such an authentically awkward "awe shucks" lack of ego about her. She looks incredible in a metallic dress and equally embarrassed about it. Even Nigel had to say: "The only front-runner I can speak have dancer's legs!"

Ahhh....the sexy-tension between these two makes my tummy feel yummy.

Rayven and Jamie danced to "American Boy" by Estelle (feat. Kanye West). I have been tilt-head bobbing to this song with the windows down this summer. We saw his junk being tugged by some blue briefs. Hm? Necessary? Nope. For a ballroom dancer, he had more THUMP in his movement than I expected. I like it. Mary is scary when she screams. I literally feel my own vocal chords coil in embarrassment for her. She called it "Cotton-candy hip hop." Agreed.

Susie and Marquis danced a waltz. (yawn). Marquis is stand out, I didnt even notice Susie until the light caught the red in her hair. The lift looked like a good-in-the-moment sex idea, gone wrong in ergonomics and feasibility. They got good marks from the judges. Eh.

Kourtni and Matt danced to "Tainted love" by soft cell. It was strange and interesting. It felt a bit like a Jim Carey role for both of them. British robbers in the night, but I didn't feel moved.

Chelsea and Thayne danced the Cha-Cha. He is AWESOME. I loved him from the first reel. The dance couldn't have been any more soppy-with aseptic cheese, but they pulled it off. Chelsea was steaming. Can I wear a shirt like his? Nothin' a little double-stick tape couldn't hold in.

Chelsie H and Mark danced a Mia Micheal's routine. Tim-Burton weddingesque to "Beautiful" by Me'Shell Ndegeocello. It was like a national geographic vision of ostriches and tool. I am biased, but I loved it. Animalistic and strange. Mary said it was like "watching you throw around a powder-ball". I loved powdered balls!

Kherington and Twitch danced a Tice Deorio routine. The dance itself was amazing in tempo changes from fast-feet to slow motion, showcasing the energy and body movement of both. By far my favorite. Definitely going to be a crowd pleaser. Let me just answer the show's question....uh...YES!

Comfort and Chris danced the Jive. Nigel said she was "smoldering". but I think it looked lacking on the foot-work. Not really much more to say about it. Everyone talked about personality.

Katee and Joshua danced a hip hop routine from Napoleon and Tabitha. This choreography is unbelievable. Transcending, really. They danced like they had magnets in their feet on a metal floor. She pops about as good as Britney mothers, but I was more interested in him. Wow. Nigel said: "They emoting together". I want someone to emote with me! Waaaaaaaaaa.

Jessica and Will danced the Tango. I wanted it to be good, just was. It is a tough dance. What do I know? It just looked OK to me. Everyone else was impressed. I suggest we just "Tango-on" like Al Pacino says in Scent of a Woman.

Courtney G and Gev danced Disco. EEK. She is a cutey in canary yellow. It must be hard to make this dance look technical. Open leg spins? fist pumps? body-waves? They did well with what they got. Nigel said it looked like "Disco duck". 'Nuff said.

For future parents...please name your children responsibly. Dance on players. That was a doozy. I am going to chasse over to a drink now. Go cubs.

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Marcus said...

Powdered balls...


(attempting unsuccessfully to suppress a snort-spit combo. Try to pull that off without the nose burn.)

Oh, and Cat's accent...I want her voice on my alarm clock.