Friday, June 13, 2008

Flippin' Freaky Friday needs love lightening.

Where is a good R.E.M or Phil Collins song to lay out the apocalyptic state of our world right now? I'm not even sure where to start....32 feet of water flooding Iowa. I know you may think it doesn't effect you, just wait until you want to buy something with natural resources like corn, soy or hits your wallet. Trust me.

Budweiser being bought by a Euro company (InBev). Really? Will they still hire Will Ferril for Superbowl adds to say: "Bud light. Suck one."? Tomato's are causing salmonella. Tornado records shattered. Bush fires in California. No power in DC? What the FECK?

I propose that we all spend a little time sending positive energy into the spinning, coiling mess of atmospheric chaos. Take a minute or twenty to be grateful for the greenery and the air, and the crops, and the health and the beauty around you. Springboard that positivity back out. It may not change anything other than the perspective with which you approach your day.Smarter choices, more awareness, kindness and love. If it flees, reign it back.

In the event that you are tired, or just had a war with your nanny( like I did) or are in desperate need of sleep and a good long hug...try anyway. I plan to shimmy some love-lightening out to you, for no reason at all and for every reason possible.

Take it like champ..."Give a little bit" like Supertramp.

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