Saturday, June 7, 2008

Holy Hell the "mini" turned Three.

It has been a whirlwind week! Obama is the Democratic nominee (offically later today, I think). The market dropped nearly 400 points yesterday, and crude oil is at $139/barrel. Spike Lee and Clint Eastwood are going to face off in the WWE. Big Brown is going to run for the possibility of winning the "Triple Crown." A three-day UN summit pulled 1BILLION in aid for the world food crisis. ...And in other news, my mini turned three yesterday. (sniff, sniff)

I am the queen of non-commitment, and lack of planning. I don't have any one's addresses, I don't put things in my calendar, yet still...somehow I survive things like birthdays and dental appointments. This year, I was toast. I had a crazy photo shoot that took up my "free days", then I went to NYC, then the nanny had three days off straight. (boo hoo for me). Seriously, though, I am a woman of last-minutes. When you take that away, I am stuck with meditating and magic to try and pull this shite off.

I did. Pull it off. She got a huge doll house, a auntie in town from the big apple, and 15 of her friends to play with and eat cake. These are the moments that are testament to friendship. My best friend built her a "princess cake" complete with lightly-tanned doll. My other friends helped clean the disaster zone post-party. I needed a little help from my friends...with out family in this gets interesting. It is hard work being around more than two dozen sugar-high children. Honestly, It does NOT sell me on having more, but at the end of the little girl had a blast.

She didn't care about the decorations, or the diversity of appetizers and food I served. She didn't care if the Sangria didn't have pomegranate, she felt loved, appreciated and celebrated. And really...does anything else matter on that day? Three years ago I looked in her eyes with absolute fear. Fear of what I had gotten myself into, fear in facing the end of my life as I knew it, fear in knowing I was responsible for more than myself; an entire life.

Yesterday, seeing her smile and bask in the birthday glow, I felt nothing but pride and accomplishment. Three years down, and a lifetime to go. The best blind dive I ever took, has turned out to be the most beautiful thing in my world.

Happy Three Pibby.

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Marcus said...

Holy hell indeed. Hook me up on a cupcake!