Sunday, June 22, 2008

"Poor Tom Brady"...Gisele in GQ.

Okay. Okay. Okay. I am the FIRST to admit when I am wrong. Gisele Bundchen is not a gangley goof ball (in this shoot). I have seen her running in central park and she didn't look like THIS!?

Let it be stated: I am COMPLETELY on "Team Bridget" but this is stunning. In July's issue of GQ Tom's woman gives hugging pillows and wearing football tube socks a new meaning. Men were drooling. Seriously. I witnessed it.

I would dive into my modeling experience and try to attempt to make us all feel better by dissecting the magic of lighting, and angles and photo shop and hip twisting, and shimmer shadows...but I won't knock her. She looks hot. She can have it...along with Tom Brady, millions, a supermodeling career, perfect skin...etc.

I love women I do. I think they are beautiful. As a species, I think it is breath-taking to see humans with such shockingly perfect features (Heidi Klum) and child-like skin. These beings that create and give life, make little people in their bodies and run for president.

Women astound me, in general in good and bad ways...but that doesn't matter right now...I had to share this. Just like I did at the sprinkler park with two of my mommy-friends. Yes, that was an awkward contraband passing moment when Gisele's shiny thigh and perky hidden boob caught eyes of by-standers.

But this is the kind of "WOW" that is worth elliciting the judging guffaw of middle-aged suburban parents. Who cares. Her face looks immaculate. Even a self-deprecating, mildy over-confident woman as myself had to shake her head and slow clap.

My husband's words: "Poor Tom Brady...he has it so bad...we should send him some canned goods and an uplifting card." (ha) Um...Let's just say. My delusions of Tom Brady being on the Lulu Top 3 are obliterated. Yeah,he comes home to this every night...

I still love Bridget. Mom card trumps.

Enjoy. I know you will.


Anonymous said...

I am for Team Brady all the way. What is there to love about his baby trapper ex??? She is a whinny, needed woman who didn't get what she tried to plan for! Tom does not love her, she obviously from her works in a recent article, is still angry over losing him. She needs to move on and stop using their son as a pawn to hurt him and uplift her position in life. TEAM BRADY. I love Gisele....Tom finally found a secure woman who is up to his standards. Bridget was never that woman! Too insecure and too needy!

Anonymous said...

no wonder when tom didn't win the superbowl he brought HER flowers!!! she's smokin' HOT and he would be an idiot to not cater to her every whim! and...did you see the video on the GQ link!

Lulu said...

So..It's obvious that I am a serious man-lovin' woman, but after watching that video. I think I would do whatever she wants on a whim!? That body is unreal. It makes me feel equally inadequate and perplexed by its beauty. She is 100% natural.

Marcus said...

Her face is long. Long as a Tom Brady pass.

Good thing she's couldn't date Peyton Manning, or I would have made a Colts reference, too.