Saturday, June 21, 2008

Top 3 Update. Lulu's summer solstice lovers.

It has been a wacky 48 hours. Not sure why. I blame the moon. There is no way that we (people made of water and energy) are NOT affected by the solstice. I spent the longest day of the year- hungover. Nice.

The weekend is here. Summer is officially in full bloom and my minxy-tides of female prowess are fruiting with hot summer nights and flirty sundresses. So..... its time for me to state my latest TOP 3 "Get 'em Bed 'em". If you forgot the premise, here is the REFRESHER. What was I thinking with Bill Murray? Lost in Translation skewed everything.

1. HANK MOODY (aka David Duchovny)- "I just get so lonely sometimes. I need a hug for a moment and the moment passes. I'm good. Smell you later."
I can't articulate how insatiable my lust for Californication's sweetest dirt bag is. The reason this works- THIS MAN doesn't exist. So perfectly written to cause pantie-tsunamis with his reckless tongue (physically and prophetically). Still love that he mocked a married woman's husband for thinking the buzz button was on the bottom...near the "Vagnus". On top of it (tee hee) he is tragically romantic and funny. Good thing its a character...

2. ERIC BANA - I watched "The Other Boyleyn Girl". He played King Henry VIII lusting after women. Power. Power. Brown scruff....He was so gentle with Booby Johnasson's character. Loved him in Troy. I had a strange inclination to lick his arms when I watched that (what?). Hot. Steamy naughty powerful lost man....let me hold you to my bosom, or my thigh and make it all better... Come hither darling.

3. GEORGE CLOONEY- Seriously needs no explanation. Salt and Pepper hair, soft brown eyes. Scratchy voice, and a HUGE sense of humor. Single again. If in the same room with this man I would either freeze in absolute lust-coma deeming me in-operational, or I would morph and slither into my best projection of sexuality personified. I bet it would be the former, but here's hoping!

Get out there and dream a bit....the moon says you can. Oh, get over it. The only person I have to answer to -made the deal. It takes a strong man to put up with this fire. Ha Cha Cha.

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Kim Wolfson said...

I love Hank Moody! You know after they pulled the plug on Californication (or considered it) they changed their minds. It's coming back. I loved that show! I can't wait to see what they do now . . . I can totally see Mia ending up with Pete Wentz (from Fall Out Boy) when he guest stars this season.