Sunday, June 8, 2008

Why not be bright?

It is that time again. Time to take inventory of the little things that help the days feel less soggy and heavy, and more bright and bouncy. Life is short, and I am feeling both grateful and pensive with a sprouting blossom of positivity. Let the record show, my intention this coming week is to burn bright, come what may. Why not?

10 Things that make me lean back, close my eyes and smile:

1. The sound of a baseball hitting a glove...the sizzle sound of it flying through the air.

2. Laying on your back, arms above head, legs extended...feeling the space of a streeeeetttch.

3. Surprise visits from people you love (at work) (at home) (at midnight).

4. Hearing "Viva la Vida" from Coldplay while you are running, or driving in the sunshine.

5. A good fruit, I miss Australia some times.

6. Taking a minute to watch the pulsating, breathing greenery that surrounds you. Deep breaths of it.

7. A "RESTROOM" sign at the precise moment you realize you need one.

8. Women in bold-colored sun dresses that show their shape when the wind blows against them.

9. Finding out someone has been thinking of you with selfless kindness.

10. Holding some one's hug just long enough to show it was a deliberate extention the affection, but not long enough to let it be awkward. (heart drops, woman or child...that feeling stays)

Breathe deep. Hold Hugs. Be Aware.

Bad things will inevitably happen. Good things come when we are open to receiving even the smallest of gifts. Open up.

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dadshouse said...

I love 3 and 6. Both are so organic, happy, healthy.