Thursday, July 17, 2008

PAS DE WOA!!! Will and Katee. SYTYCD!

Honestly, this show makes my week. Cat Deely is stunning in gold. Lil C has a way of articulating that inspires me to work on my analogies. Nigel is naughty, and Mary makes me cringe with embarrassment every time she talks, but I love her. I wish she was my kooky aunt. The world wouldn't be the same without her strange excitement.

The Top 10 had a go of it last night. Comfort came back due Jessica's injury. Gev and Chelsea knocked out a contemporary routine to Otis Redding. Comfort and Twitch got "buck" with a hip-hop routine by Dave Scott. And finally, the standout dance of the night was Will and Katee, the sure-fire finalists in a Pa de deux number choreographed by Desmond Richardson, the prettiest looking, most renowned ballet dancer alive today!

Pas De WOA. I love this show. Happy Thursday.

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Kim Wolfson said...

I loved this dance! I think they will be the top two dancers left. It's a toss up who will win between the two (if you ask me). We'll just have to see. I love this show too -- it's the highlight of my week as well! :) -Kim