Monday, October 13, 2008

Tony Robbins, Booby Jolie and egg-birthing Chicken

So...All of you are right. I WAS in fact, stuck in an inversion yoga position with Bill Murry while playing Steve Winwood and day dreaming of Hedge fund managers and old senators that I could wink and shimmy for merely to keep from getting too overly obsessed with the Wall Street crisis that has been taking up all the space in mind.

Today a few things perked me up. 1. Tony Robbins (yep captain big-hands and big teeth) was talking POSITIVELY about the way we can approach this new "season" of turmoil, and it was inspiring. Sue me. I went to a seminar in the 90s. I walked on coals. I hugged strangers in a faux-hope for having some epiphany. Instead, I met and dated and fell in love with a once-quadriplegic hockey player, who now...walks and hikes. But that is just what I do. Take an inspirational life changing event, and make it about lust, men and hockey players. But I digress...Check him out at

2. I have a huge girl crush on Angelina Jolie and have been trying to find early copies of W magazines 21 candid pictures of her, taken by Brad. Why? Because she is not too good to wear a mumu, sometimes her makeup is smeared and recently when she was asked how she looks so good 13 weeks post pregnancy; she replied: "A great dress." And...she is hot, crazy and unpredictable. Check my records, I have not been a fair-weather AJ fan...I loved her in the nutso, kissing brother stage. Evvvvverybody poops.

3. While trying to eat my breakfast this morning, my charming 3 year old brought a new toy she found to me. A chicken laying an egg. (see pic). I laughed hysterically, which only egged her on (pun intended) and once again, I was reminded about the beauty of little laughs that can change a mood.

I am back. I am working on the latest Bed em' Get em' list and pondering the random synergies of anatomical remanufunctionality of love,pursuit and acceptance measured on parallel levels of the universe. Be happy. Ponder an Eggy chicken, laugh with a good friend today, love someone like I love AJ, hold hands, sing about positive change, invest some money in value stocks with good market caps and think sexy thoughts.

Until tomorrow...or later today. Enjoy the revisionist historical take on a bloody and horrendous discovery and pillage of the new world. I know I will.

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